We exist to provide to provide those in need access to clean water, sourced at ease.

Our implementation model is simple and effective. Inspired by Heifer's "pass on the gift" concept, we have created a model that enables typically economically incapable communities to develop themselves by accessing solar water systems with no upfront cost. Solar Water Solutions transforms these communities in three steps.

In-kind investment

Solar Water Solutions invests in a solar powered submersible pump system which we install on a traditional bush pump borehole. At present, such boreholes serve on average 50 households and borehole-side gardens for 30 or more such households. Following the installation, the community reaps immediate benefits in the form of automatically pumped water for their day to day needs and primarily for gardening at a semi-commercial scale.

In-kind repayment

Within 6 months of launch, the community will have repaid all the installation and material fees. The reclaimed funds are used to invest a new solar water system in a new location with similar needs, allowing Solar Water Solutions to expand and self-sustain. The result? We raise smallholder incomes, promote rural prosperity, and create a chain reaction of sustainability and development.

Profitable Utilization

At least 30 farming families in the community engage in  semi-commercial gardening using the increased water supply. Both gardeners, and general borehole users alike sign a payment plan to contribute a stipulated fee at a predetermined payment cycle to cover the full the implementation cost of the solar water system, payable in 6 months

For-Profit Revenue Stream

We also work with paying clients who pay for our solar water systems. The profit generated is used to finance community solar wells that may face challenges paying us themselves.