Our diverse and dedicated team is prepared to stand up for others.


Ngoni Mugwisi



Ngoni Mugwisi develops strategies to deliver access to renewable energy to low-income communities. He builds and maintains relationships with community partners, financiers, and customers of SWS. A former solar technology researcher, Ngoni holds a BSE in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University, and is enrolled for a DPhil in Eng. Science at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. 

Allen Kawanzaruwa


Technology Director

Allen Kawanzaruwa handles Solar Water Solutions' communications and online presence. He applies his passion for computer technology for community development to connect Solar Water Solutions to partners and clients. Allen is a 2016 Math and Computer Science graduate from Arizona State University. 

Tamjid Munir



Tamjid Munir designs innovative renewable energy systems for community based applications in developing nations, including water extraction.  An entrepreneur whose passion lies in technology applications to enable poverty alleviation, Tamjid holds a BSE in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University.

Our Mentors

Mimi Chan


Resolution Guide

Mimi Chan is an Investment Analyst at International Finance Cooperation (IFC), a global development institution and World Bank Group member focused exclusively on private sector investments in emerging and frontier markets. She holds a particular interest in the fields of sustainable agriculture and agriculture technology. Mimi graduated from Indiana University in 2013 with a B.S. in Finance, Accounting and International Business.

Ada Lio


Resolution Guide

Ada Lio is an MBA candidate at Wharton. Previously, she was a consultant at EIU Canback, an independent business unit within The Economist  Group that provides management consulting and analytics services for consumer facing companies, particularly on their emerging marketing strategies. Ada graduated from Havard in 2011 with a B.A in Economics.